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How is my mortgage payment determined?
What is debt to income ratio?
Can I use money from my 401k?
How long do I need to be employed with my current jab before applying for a loan?
Will my monthly payment change during the loan term?
How long does the loan process take?
When will I know exactly how much money I need for closing?
When is my first mortgage payment due?
Why do you ask for so many documents throughout my loan? Can I give you everything in the beginning?
What is Pre-Paid Interest?
What is PMI? When does PMI fall off?
Is there a Pre-Payment Penalty on loans?
What’s an Escrow account?
How does the appraisal work? Who orders it? Do I need to be there?
What is loan processing and what does a loan processor do?
Who is the underwriter? What does an underwriter do?
How long does underwriting take?
What is conditional loan approval?
When do I need to have homeowner’s insurance?
What are discount points, and should I pay them?
What is the difference between construction and resale?
Can I finance renovations to a house?
Can I use downpayment assistance and also finance in renovations?
Is the process any different if I’m purchasing a condo?
What is a closing disclosure?

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