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Since our doors opened in 1898 in England, Arkansas, Bank of England Mortgage has been rooted in customer service. We have grown to have more than 1,000 employees with 99 branches in over 39 states. Our local branch, Bank of England Mortgage Jacksonville, has proudly served our community since 2009. From application to closing, we complete every step and decision right here in the Jacksonville branch. We give our customers peace of mind with competitive rates, extensive product knowledge, stress-free closings and being available when they need us, day and night. Our mission is to deliver total value through providing quick mortgage solutions for our families and businesses.

Bank of England Mortgage Jacksonville, has proudly served our community since 2009. From our culture to mission it’s truly more than loans, it’s people.

Meet the Team

Area Manager

Quinton Harris

NMLS: 87208

Mortgage Bankers

Mathew Brennan

NMLS: 888074

Josh Downing

NMLS: 788790

Harrison Green

NMLS: 842189

Daniel Halvorsen

NMLS: 788842

Troy Silhan

NMLS: 704521

Alex Stewart

NMLS: 1254471

Tyler Tatum

NMLS: 791352

Nicholas Thors

NMLS: 998040

Rickie McWilliams

NMLS: 1391297

Hunter Downing

NMLS: 1524729

Chad Ethier

NMLS: 1182148

Andrew Merritt

NMLS: 788988

Shea Peck

NMLS: 1210048

Blake Jones

NMLS: 1634618

Nicholas Dalcero

NMLS: 1304226

Jesse Mobley

NMLS: 1413221

Lance Morgan

NMLS: 1683343

Justin Travis

NMLS: 1570935

Eric Nappy

NMLS: 1573850

Gunnar Stone

NMLS: 1483662

Andrew Pack

NMLS: 1553562

Jeffrey Strough

NMLS: 1681728

Grant O'Connor

NMLS: 1623660

Our Team

Kristen Whitnable

Gabrielle Coelho

Chloe Walker

William Wyatt

Ashford Thompson

NMLS: 158685

Lenora Vigneri

NMLS: 1638462

Boyd Morgan

NMLS: 19672

Doug Carlisle

Shannon Bryan

Robyn Mixon

NMLS: 1192613

Stacy Morris

NMLS: 1436489

Hannah Szafaryn

NMLS: 1126479

Matt Wallace

Christie Leatherman

Chrissy Lunsford

Emily Muino

Megan Kochan

Haleigh Snow

Carter Myers

Charles Rains

Ethan Michaelis